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Tube & Berger – Introlution [Kittball]

So here is an Album I was really expecting and I can say that I’m not disappointed at all, different kind of songs from deep house to tech-house. Introlution is a sophisticated and well constructed body of work displaying an innate ability to convey mood, great vocals and plenty of emotion. You will all find a song that will please you in this Album, my favorite is definitely the song made with “Thalstreom” : “La fogata”. It will be released on Jun 25 (Kittball Records)



Here is a nice EP released on KDB Records coming from Russia.

Music Video : The Chosen Two – Nancy’s Room

A nice Song but also a nice Music video from The chosen two. I do really like also the Remix made by René Bourgeois. This music video remind a bit the the video from “Wax Tailor – To dry up” with a little difference at the end : I love when the girl is dancing.

The Chosen Two – Nancy’s Room (Original Mix)

The Chosen Two – Nancy’s Room (René Bourgeois 007 Remix )

For the Electro Swing lovers ! #2

Just after “Time for Techno #2” here comes the “For the Electro Swing Lovers ! #2”. An Electro Swing swing from DJs that I like to play. Electro Swing brings me so much fun. When you’ve you try to find motivation or happiness, I just need to listen to some Electro swing tracks and everything gonna be fine after that. Be sure to check the Last Remix from Shemian but also to the remix of Oliver Tatsch (which is much more a Jazzy Tech-House song btw.)

Enzo Siffredi – G Swing [Shemian Remix]

Lazlo – Victor

Bart&Baker feat Slim Gaillard “Communication” ( KeX radio edit )

White Stripes – In The Cold, Cold Night (Oliver Tatsch Remix)

Jacob groening – soapbox 008

This is exactly the kind of mix I’m looking for right now. Beautiful Deep House mixes with a really strong atmosphere. Perfect if like to hear music when you’re working or when you’re just sitting in park while you drinking beers (or soda if you don’t like alcohol). This mix is so peaceful and it will certainly make your day.

Music Video : Re.You – Ghost

Nothing to say except that it is beautiful.

Time for Techno #2

Time for Techno #1 is actually the most viewed post I’ve made, so I thought that it could be a good idea to make another one. It looks like you kind of like it. So here the “Time for Techno #2” with fresh tracks but also a wonderful techno live mix made by Niereich in Dortmund. Because it is Techno you should probably play it really loud (what about neighbor you asked me ? Well they gonna love it as well).

Attaque – Flow (Lektroluv Records)

Rob Acid – MiNd BeNdEr

Kyle Geiger – Scream master

Ecstasy Club – Jesus loves the acid – kolombo rework

Niereich live @ Mayday Dortmund (Mastertraxx Techno Podcast)